Diary 15 June 2020

The weather forecast said it would be a fine sunny day today, so Alan, Rita and Astrid decided to go into the cemetery. After discovering an old photo that had in the background a view of the Non Conformist chapel, which has since been demolished, Rita wanted to take a photo from the same position across the cemetery to show how things have changed. The Akerman number 4 Plan 6 stood directly in line where the chapel once stood. A large sycamore tree with many off shoots had since grown up blocking the view, so the first job of the day was to cut back the off shoots of the tree so that the Akerman memorial could be seen, after filling two dumpy bags of branches Rita was able to take the photo. While in the area they cleared ivy from nearby graves and cut back a small holly bush that had taken over one of the graves.

It was getting pretty hot, so it was decided to move to the top of the cemetery to work in the shade. Astrid and Rita weeded the wild flower area, which had become overgrown, while Alan with his mattock dug over the ground next to the wild flower area in preparation for planting. This work filled our third dumpy bag and they decided it was time to make their way home.

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