Diary: 28 June 2020

A few short showers of rain during the morning which did not stop Alan, Rita, Astrid and Parsley from working in the cemetery today. Astrid and Rita scattered a few more packets of seeds in the wild flower area, saying they had two chances – to grow – or not!. Alan spent one of his ‘ten minutes’ working on the Dunsford grave G16 putting in the pad stones in readiness for the kerbs to be put back in position. Dave came in for a chat and said he hoped to be back helping us next week, it was nice to see him. After an hour Alan had finished his work on the Dunsford grave and came to join Rita and Astrid who had continued to clear and clean up around the ‘new ‘ hedge. Two more dumpy bags were filled, they can now see the light at the end of the tunnel – two more session should finish this area.

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