Diary 5 July 2020

Rita, Alan, Astrid and of course Parsley, in the cemetery today, Dave not able to make it, hopefully he will be in next Sunday weather permitting.

It was decided today to repair the Margetts grave N20 as the kerbs were loose and two posts had been knocked out of position. The kerbs and posts were removed, Astrid and Rita cleared the stone chipping away while Alan knocked off the old cement. All went well, a ‘dry run’ confirmed that the posts and kerbs all fitted together. New cement mixed and the posts and kerbs were soon back in place. The grave is regularly visited be relatives as flowers are often laid on the grave. When next in hopefully they will be pleased with the result of our efforts.

In between helping Alan and Astrid, Rita was tidying her family grave M93/113. With a little time to spare it was decided to take a look at the Dunsford grave G1 restored before lockdown by Fine Memorials. Alan had put in two pad stones to take the kerb stones, it was decided to put in two additional pad stones under the centre of the kerb as they a long and heavy, this will provide extra support. Weather permitting next weeks task will be to fit the kerbs in position and make the grave nice and tidy.

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