Diary Sunday 12 July

A lovely sunny day in the cemetery today with Rita, Alan, Astrid, Parsley and nice to have Dave back fit and well. Alan and Dave concentrated on the Dunsford G16 grave. The two long kerbs and end kerb were slid and cemented back into position. They had to work fast as the cement was drying very quickly due to the heat. The kerbs were removed to enable Fine Memorial to repair and re-erect the headstones.

In the mean time Astrid and Rita were clearing ivy and bramble from the four yew trees in section F which has encroached on the Plowman F24, West F25, Palmer F26, Davey F10 and Miller F9. They filled a dumpy bag of debris and the Plowman grave is now clear of ivy. The Davey and Miller graves are now exposed and work can now take place to sort the kerb stones which are in need of repair.

Alan and Dave next worked on the Dunsford G1 grave and tidied and built up the ground level around the front of the memorial. A lot more earth is required to build up around the G16 Dunsford grave and the Dunsford F11 so that the pathway between the two graves is level and can then be grassed. Rita and Astrid pulled the filled dumpy bag to the area where the debris is stored for collection by SDC, and proceeded to cut up and bag the saplings which were cut down from the Hazel tree at the front of the cemetery. Astrid and Alan took photo’s of the work completed, and feeling pleased with the mornings work left for home and a rest!

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