Diary: 19 July 2020

Rain was forecast for today but that came earlier than expected so by the time Alan & Rita arrived at the cemetery the weather was perfect – not too hot. Dave followed soon after then along came Parsley and Astrid. (Parsley always get here first as he is eager to see us!). The first hour was spent finishing off clearing weeds, nettles and brambles along the hedge at the back of Wembdon Road houses started a few weeks ago. This done the gang made their way back to where they left off last week in section G. The Dunsford G16 is now completed, as mid-week Alan & Rita went to Cannington Quarry and purchased 5 bags of chipping which were placed in the grave. The ground around the grave and pathway had sunk, earth was added to raise the level of the surfaces.

Alan and Dave began work on the Palmer F26 grave, the side kerbs were loose and had been pushed out of position, one post had been completely knocked out, the small headstone had been laid down in the centre of the grave. The weeds and grass were cleared from inside and around the grave, the pad stones were put in place and the kerbs and posts were cemented back into position.

It was decided the headstone would be too expensive to re-erect so would be laid on the top of the kerbs with a slight slope so that the rainwater would run off. This would be done at a later date when the cement holding the kerbs in place has set.

Astrid and Rita worked hard clearing weeds and grass that had accumulated over time in and around the King G2 grave. The concrete slab on the inside of the grave was uncovered and brushed clean, the grave now looking a lot tidier. A holly bush growing behind the headstone was cut back. They also cleared the grass around the Jones G3 grave and also between the Dunsford G16 and Boulting G 17 graves. The gang were well satisfied with there work today.

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