Diary: 26 July 2020

During the week Alan & Rita went to Cannington Quarry to purchase four bags of stone chippings, these were for the Palmer F26 grave. On Thursday, Alan went to the cemetery, laid black membrane down and put the stone chippings in the grave. The headstone was cleaned and laid on top of the kerbs. Fine Memorial were also in the cemetery, putting the lead letters that were missing on the Laver grave H11 and he made a very nice job of it.

On Sunday, Astrid, Alan and Rita were in the cemetery. Astrid and Rita were working on the Davey F10 grave, digging out the stones and earth laid on the grave, sieving the earth from the stones and replacing the stones back in the grave. The sifted earth was levelled around the Dunsford grave F11. The next task was to sort out the Bowden G30 an overgrown grave with granite kerbs. There was great excitement when they found the missing cross buried deep in the undergrowth in the centre of the grave. More work required here to cement the kerbs back in position and add stone chipping etc. the cross will then be laid back inside the grave. Work also took place on the Miller F9 grave which also has granite kerb stones and is next to the Yew trees in the centre of the cemetery, unfortunately the tree roots have invaded the grave. Work is well under way digging out roots and debris but still more to be done to uncover and release the kerbs. With the threat of rain it was decided they should make their way home.

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