Diary: Sunday 2nd August

Alan, Rita, Dave and Astrid in the cemetery today who were joined by a new volunteer, Chris.

Alan was in the cemetery on Wednesday to cut back the roots and branches from the Yew tree that had taken over the Miller F9 grave. SDC groundsmen were in cutting the grass.

Alan and Dave sorted out the base stones of the Miller grave and then cemented the kerbs and posts back into position, they were well pleased with their efforts. Membrane and stone chipping need to be added to finish off the grave. Rita started to trim the holly saplings from the trees along the main pathway and was joined by Astrid who came in a little later. Chris arrived and was given a brief on the H & S issues to be mindful of when working in the cemetery, plus social distances to be maintained due to the Coronavirus. Chris and Astrid were given the task of cutting up the branches that had been thrown over the wall from Jam Factory Lane. Chris was then given the job of re-fitting the end kerb on the King G2 grave that had sunk and come adrift from the kerbs. He did a good job of levelling and fitting the kerb back in position which was then cemented together. Meanwhile Astrid was taking ivy off the King F47, Rockett F33 and Best F 53 grave, and Rita weeded the Lott F32 grave. A good days work and it was nice to have the company of Chris who made himself very useful.

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