Diary: Sunday 9 August 2020

Rita & Alan arrived earlier than usual as they planned to leave early. So before the others arrived Alan started work on the Roman grave A19. The kerbs had come apart and the end kerb was broken, he chipped away the old cement and lined the kerbs in position, when Dave arrived they mixed up the cement and fitted them together. While Alan was preparing the Roman grave for fixing, Rita weeded the Slocombe, Wood and Facey graves nearby. When Astrid arrived her and Rita’s task was to sift a large pile of earth full of weeds, this done the sieved earth was laid in the Miller F9 grave, black membrane was added and then stone chipping. A photograph was taken on the finished job. Chris arrived and was given the job of adding stone chipping to the King G2 grave which he worked on last week. The boys then worked on the Bowden G30 which had a large cross lying inside. The kerbs were dug out and realigned. This is a nice grave and it was decided to ask Fine Memorial for a quote to re-erect the cross back on this memorial. Everyone then moved up to the top end of G Section – Boyce G65 grave that Harry, a committee member of the Friends who would like the grave repaired. It has a very large ornate headstone that has fallen and the grave badly overgrown. The boys cleared away the earth and grass to expose the kerbs which were all there and exposed the headstone which was intact. Fine Memorial will be asked for a quote to re-erect this headstone for Harry and his family. Before leaving for home the Jones G3 was discussed, this has a broken headstone, it was decided that the next job would be to bring the two parts together so that they would look complete laid flat to the ground. A good tidy up around the Miller grave and photo’s taken, then home. It was noticed that SDC had trimmed all the saplings from both of the large trees in front of the cemetery which had been obstructing the view into the cemetery, it looks a lot better now.

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