Diary: Sunday 16 August 2020

How lucky with the weather, it stayed dry right up until we were leaving for home! Rita and Astrid noticed that our kind neighbour on the Wembdon Road had trimmed the hedge again. Did he hear us say we were amazed at how it had grown so fast! We thanked him for his hard work and he apologised that he didn’t have time to pick up the clippings as it started to rain. No worry he was told, you cut it down we will clear it up! Two dumpy bags were filled with the clippings and put next to the growing pile under the trees at the Jam Factory end of the cemetery ready for collection by SDC. Dave, Chris and Alan concentrated their efforts on the Jones G3 grave, a large headstone broken in two pieces. The ground was cleared around and the two pieces were aligned together so that the whole inscription could easily be read. The ground was then levelled nicely around the headstone and it looked like it had always been laid in that position.

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