Diary: Sunday 23 August 2020

Astrid, Dave, Alan, Rita and Chris in the cemetery today. On arrival it was noticed that a large branch had fallen from one of the large trees at the front of the cemetery. This was cut up and put in a dumpy bag, while in the area it was agreed that the hedge by the side of the house in Wembdon Road should be trimmed as it was growing out into the pathway. This was cut back and the front of the cemetery was cleared and swept clean making it look more presentable. More of the Hazel tree saplings just inside the cemetery gates were also cut back. The dumpy bag was then hauled back to the growing pile of bags by the Jam Factory Lane. Lead by Parsley, the group than did a tour of the cemetery to ensure no more damage had been caused by Friday’s wind. All looked well and notes were taken on jobs that need to be done before winter sets in! Before leaving, the group weeded graves along the grass pathway bordering Section A and B. Black clouds were beginning to form above so a hasty retreat was made for home.

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