Diary: Sunday 6th September

Astrid, Dave, Chris, Rita & Alan in the cemetery today. The first job was to move the dumpy bag that was half full of rubbish and possible needles that a couple had left after they had been squatting in the cemetery some time ago. To make it safe, the bag was tightly tied and put into a second dumpy bag. The bag was pulled across to the area near Jam Factory Lane where the other dumpy bags full of weeds and bush trimmings etc. are stored, the bag then had red and white warning tape wrapped around it and a notice attached warning that it could contain needles. SDC will be contacted to advise them of the potential hazard and ask them to remove it.

Chris and Dave worked on the Dr Peter Cattermole memorial stone laid under a new tree. A root had grown underneath forcing the stone up on one side, it didn’t take them long to sort the problem out, the stone is now level again, it was moved away from the root and looking splendid. Astrid and Rita cleared the ivy off the Walford headstone as it had been covered completely, they also cleared the centre of the grave before moving off to concentrate on weeding the graves on the left hand side of the pathway as you enter the cemetery. Alan started on the Dodden 9.42 memorial that had been hit by the mower some time ago, pushing the memorial slab and the posts and kerbs out of position. The first job was to clean the area around the grave so that the kerbs and posts could be worked on, the old cement was chipped off each joint ready for when they are put back together. Dave and Chris with the Cattermole job completed gave Alan a hand to lever the scroll shaped memorial back into its rightful position, just as this was done there was heavy rain shower and everyone took cover. Storm over it was decided to put the kerbs and posts back into position and permanently cement them together when next in the cemetery, if weather permits. With another heavy shower threatening it was decided best to collect the tools and make a hasty retreat for home. 

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