Diary: Sunday 20 September 2020

Alan, Astrid, Dave and Chris in the cemetery on this bright and sunny day. Alan and Dave concentrated on the Sandy grave 13-45 where work started last week. The centre slab was levered back into place and the kerbs and posts cemented back in position. Dave left Alan to finish off tidying around the Sandy memorial and went to help Chris on the Jarvis 13-46 stone that had sunk badly. The stone was packed level and a wheelbarrow full of earth added to level the ground around the memorial. A good clean, and nice job done.

In the meantime Astrid was busy cutting back branches around the Bryant 13-54 grave as they were beginning to take over the area. This done she then dug out the ivy that had taken over this grave and the surrounding area. Alan had to leave early and left the others to concentrate on the Hodge 13-53 which was in a similar state to the Bryant – covered in ivy.

It was agreed that next week, weather permitting, they would spend time in this part of the cemetery, Plan 13, to have a general tidy up of the graves in this area.

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