Diary: Sunday 27th September 2020

Another nice sunny day for Alan, Rita, Dave, Astrid and Chris to work in the cemetery. Today Alan worked on the Hodge 13-53 grave that Dave, Chris and Astrid cleared last week. Once the ivy had been removed it was identified that the posts and kerbs were out of position and needed to be moved back into place. This was done and is now ready to be cemented back together next week. In the meantime Dave and Chris were busy trimming the trees and saplings in Section 13 as they were beginning to hang low and obstructing the view through the cemetery. All the branches below 6 feet from the ground were cut back. Astrid and Rita were busy clearing ivy and holly saplings that had taken over on the Smith, Bryant and Ware graves on the corner of Section 12. A photo was taken of before and after cleaning up these graves. The area has now been transformed and is looking very nice. A young couple and their two young children came in the cemetery to look around. They said they had just moved in nearby and were interested in helping in the cemetery and becoming members of the Friends, Astrid gave them information on how they could join.


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