Diary: Sunday 11 October 2020

Just Dave Chris and Astrid (and of course Parsley) as Rita and Alan were self-isolating at home.

The grass has been partially cut, and we presume the council will return on Monday to finish this off. They had also been in to empty all the dumpy bags, so Astrid packed them all into several of the bags to stop them flying round the cemetery if the wind got up.

Alan and Rita had asked if we could continue clearing the area where we had been working last week Section 13 it had been suggested that we clear the trio of graves Rogers, Hawkins and French.

We then moved onwards to work on the Hooper, Board Brewer, Stone and Mulllins graves and after completing these after filling half a dumpy bag from last time and half filling a new on we decided that as the backs were starting to ache we called it a day feeling well pleased with the transformation we had accomplished. A couple of the graves that have stones in could do with being sifted and once cleaned be put back in as they are full of earth and leaves as well as the stones.

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