Diary: Sunday 18 October 2020

Dave Chris and Astrid in the cemetery this morning as Alan and Rita were in there final days of self isolating - they will be back next week, weather permitting of course. A grey and overcast day but ideal for tidying graves in Section 13 and section 9. Dave relayed on his way in there was a lot of plastic bottles by the tap on his way in. We started and then decided we needed a new dumpy bag and the rake so Astrid went off to get these, Up by the dumpy bags there was s atone with broken glass round it. When Astrid got to the hiding place the tools had disappeared she went back to the boys to tell them disappointing news. We carried on and while we stopped for our tea break Chris went for a walk and found some of the tools by the Dunsford Graves along with lots of glass an plastic bottles lying around plus a black recycling box also full of bottles. By the look of it some kids had been amongst the yew trees having a party and had taken there some of the loose railings from the large Sealy memorial.  We did not have anything to put the detritus in so will take some black sacks in when Alan, Rita and Astrid go in on Tuesday to meet with Ian Hale from Fine memorials to look at memorials that we would like restored [PS, when we visited that day all the bottles and rubbish were completely gone]

We worked on the following graves cleaning and tidying Evis, Silver, Hodgson, Vyse, Hendy, Tredwin: some of these will need cementing while others could do with sieving to separate the stones from soil. Graves that we also worked on include Daw, Hawkes Gully Ashill, Chick, Callacott, Greenwood,  Hall, Pople and Usher.

The council do not appear to have been back in to finish cutting the grass.

We all left feeling pleased with our progress after filling 1.5 dumpy bags after hiding the tools in a new home.

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