Diary: Sunday 25 October 2020

Astrid, Rita, Alan Dave and Chris in the cemetery today, they were joined by Dan, Rita and Alan’s grandson who was staying with them for a few days. A gold star for Chris as he returned to the cemetery last Sunday afternoon and cleared up all the bottles etc. that were left around the cemetery and took them away. Well done Chris, many thanks for that.

Astrid, Dave and Chris carried on with their good work of clearing and tidying graves in section 9, while Alan Rita and Dan set about cutting back the yew trees by the Dunsford graves where all the bottles etc. had been left. There is now a clear view through the trees and should no longer be a hiding place for young people to use as a den. Three large dumpy bags were hauled over to the storage area by Jam Factory Lane. Everyone were pleased with their efforts and had to make an early retreat as the rain which was forecast was imminent. Just before we left Dave dug up a heart shaped plaque for Annie Olive Carver, a photo was taken and on looking at our records when we got home found that this had not been found before. On our next visit this will be cleaned up and photographed so it can be put on the website.

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