Diary: Sunday 1st November 2020

Dave, Astrid, Alan and Rita in the cemetery today. First stop was to look at the Norris B 69 grave, as a relative had been in contact about its possible repair. The area was cleared to see where and how the headstone had been fixed upright, and photos were taken to send to Fine Memorials. While Alan was clearing the area Rita weeded the overgrown Rookley B68 grave next to the Norris grave.

The volunteers then moved to Non- Conformist Section 9 where Dave had uncovered two small memorial stones last week belonging to the Carver family and for safe keeping they were placed in the Shapter 9-24 grave. Photos were taken after they were given a clean with a scrubbing brush and water.

Having completed this task Astrid and Rita moved over to the Spiller grave which was very overgrown and they spent the rest of the morning attacking the brambles, ivy and columbine. Dave and Alan decided to work on the Perry grave 9-11. All the kerbs and posts had fallen in various directions and was in a sorry state. Due to the amount of rain that had fallen in the last few days it made the job of digging out the kerbs more difficult, this had to be done as the concrete landing that the kerbs sat on had been pushed out of position. The landing base was levered back into place after more digging and the kerbs and posts were placed back on the landing ready to be cemented back together when the weather is dryer and the boys are able to get back in the cemetery. With the clouds darkening and threatening rain it was time to make their way home.  

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