Diary: 31 March – 4 April

Wednesday 31 March

Fine Memorials were in the cemetery today starting work on the memorials for the Friends and relatives. They completed the Dyment H19 and Hickman H20 graves, started work on the Bowden G30 and Boyce G65 graves. Alan and Rita were in the cemetery, Astrid came in the morning and Dave popped in at lunchtime. Astrid and Alan took photos as Fine Memorial workmen carried out the work on the memorials.

We had a visitor looking for a grave and were able to help him locate the position of his relative's plot. In between photo sessions and visitors Alan and Rita were tidying up graves in Section M. A busy day but not much work seemed to have been completed. Taking it gently after being away for so long!

Thursday 1 April

Both Alan and Rita popped in the cemetery to have a bit of a tidy up. On arrival it was noticed that the front gate had taken a knock so notified Dave Aggett at SDC. Unsure when this occurred. As we had been working in Section M it was easier to enter from the far end gate at Jam Factory Lane so this was the first time in a while we entered the front gates. Today Rita worked on the graves at the front of the cemetery, tidying and weeding. Alan was working nearby. Fine Memorials had kindly given us some old stone and glass chipping which Alan started to clean up, these will be put inside some of the graves. Unfortunately the water tap was not working so unable to wash the stones. SDC was notified.

Sunday 4 April

Our first working day back in the cemetery as a group. Alan, Rita, Dave and Chris working today.

Had a walk around first thing to see the work Fine Memorials have started, then looked at what jobs we would do today. The boys used one of he concrete slabs donated by Fine Memorial to finish off the centre of the Dyment H19 grave ready for stone chipping. Dave had to leave early today, so Alan, Chris and Rita moved over to Section M to clean up the graves that had been overgrown by grass. They completed about 8 graves in all, leaving the area looking a lot better. Not a bad start, the sun was shining and it was a lovely warm day to start our season.

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