Diary: Sunday 25 April 2021

Another sunny day and while Alan unloaded the tools from the car Rita took 4 empty milk bottles filled with water and watered the wild flower area where we scattered the seeds last week, hopefully there are some left which the birds haven’t eaten! Dave, Chris and Astrid soon followed.

We all made our way to Section 11 plot 175 where there is a grave with a tiered base which has sunk and the top tier has come off and laid further down in the grave. For some reason this grave although on our old plans are not on the plans we updated a couple of years ago. So as it had been ‘lost and forgotten’ we thought it needed to be spruced up and made looking more respectable – a job for the boys! The ant hill was dug out from the top, the top tier dug up and surprise surprise attached to it was a cross, sadly broken. They levelled the bottom tier, dug up the sunken kerbs and put them level, what a difference this has made. It was hard work getting things level and they did a good job, next week they will infill the centre of the grave and cement back the kerbs.

Meanwhile Astrid and Rita moved over to the area by a fairly large holly tree which had got a bit overgrown and the branches far too low and lots of shoots coming up from the bottom of the tree. Ivy had covered the two headstones and all the graves in this area. So loppers and secateurs in hand the girls chopped away and filled two dumpy bags of holly and ivy. We also had visitors looking for a grave plot and asked us to confirm the area where they had pinpointed, pleased to be told they were spot on! Another productive mornings work done everyone went home happy.

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