Diary: Sunday 2 May 2021

Alan and Rita arrived in the cemetery and made their way to the Radford 37a grave Section 11 plot 175 (the lost and forgotten grave worked on last week) and uncovered the bags on the cemented kerbs which Alan worked on Tuesday. All looked good, and when Dave arrived they put earth in the centre. Alan having a bad back unable to do much except give orders! Astrid unable to attend today (not well) and Chris arrived late with a bad back and knee. Good job Dave and Rita were fit! The cross was put back inside the Radford grave and nice earth spread around it ready for some wild flowers seeds to be sown. Everyone then moved over to the G65 Boyce grave, where the inside of the grave was filled with 7 barrows of earth. Earth was also spread around the outside of the grave to level up the ground. All looking spick and span now and ready to infill with wild flower seeds. The headstone needs a clean and this will be done later. Rita and Chris took off some of the ivy on the Elder tree nearby filling yet another dumpy bag.

The War Commissions grave representative came into the cemetery on Tuesday when Alan was working there, he assisted in showing her the couple of graves she was unable to locate.

A lady and gent came in with information that her father had produced on Robert Sear, who ended his career in the Somerset Light Infantry in 1895, he and his wife Emily are buried in the cemetery. This will be added to the Friends Biography section.

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