Diary: Sunday 30 May 2021

A lovely sunny day for the workers today, Astrid, Chris, Alan and Rita. SDC have emptied most of the dumpy bags that were filled with weeds and clippings. Fine Memorials have cemented and pinned the three granite tiers together and erected the repaired cross on the top of the Boulting grave started on Friday. The four granite kerbs have been drilled for the metal dowels and are ready to be put back together when Fine Memorial are next in the cemetery. Alan and Chris filled the area inside the grave with earth, which took about 5 barrow loads, and is now ready for membrane and granite chippings, that Fine Memorial kindly donated, when the kerbs have been cemented in place.

Astrid and Rita weeded the graves along the pathway from the front gate, when this was completed they cleaned up the small stone tablet that Fine Memorials had dug up from the Boulting grave. After some research it shows that this stone for William Storey who died in 1888 was buried in Section 1 Row F which is in the ‘Paupers’ area. They then cleaned the Baker pot which was found on Friday in the long grass by Halesleigh Road end of the cemetery, and belongs in Plan 13 plot 157 some distance away. This will be put in the Frampton grave Plan13 – 1 as this grave has kerbs to protect it. Records will show where it has been placed for safety.

Alan and Chris then started on the Nicholls H20 grave that has four kerbs which had sunk badly and come apart. Two new pad stones were put in and the kerbs are now ready to be cemented back together, when this has been done, membrane and stone chipping will be added. Another busy day.

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