Diary: Sunday 11 July 2021

Astrid, Alan, Rita and Chris in the cemetery today, the weather forecast predicting cloudy with rain coming in at mid-day, which turned out to be correct. Alan’s first job was working on the Boulting H22 grave, cementing the gap between the kerb stones and the concrete landing recently worked on by Fine Memorials. Alan was concerned that during the winter months rain would get in and if it freezes may cause damage. After cementing, the kerbs were covered to protect from the rain forecast. He then joined the rest of the gang as it was agreed that the next few working sessions should be concentrated on general tidying up of graves, removing ivy, weeds and grass, plus trim back trees, bushes and saplings etc. A good two hours later with two dumpy bags full everyone was happy with their efforts. Astrid did a good job cleaning weeds from the Symonds grave and the two graves where Rita had cut down the saplings, Chris trimming a tree and ivy around the Stowell grave, plus tree trimming at the Jam Factory Lane entrance. With the sky growing darker and the threat of rain which was in the air a hasty retreat was made for home.

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