Diary: Sunday 18 July 2021

Dave joined Chris, Alan and Rita in the cemetery today, after enjoying a few weekends away. On arrival it was so HOT it was decided that work should be concentrated on cutting back saplings and ivy around a number of trees so that everyone would be working in the shade. Dave and Alan worked on a Euonymus tree and later under the Yew trees in section C, Chris worked on a large Sycamore and a Holly tree, Rita worked on the Redwood tree. In addition to the saplings and ivy, the lower branches of the trees were cut back to just above head height which has improved the look of the trees plus giving a better view across the cemetery. Altogether filling 4 dumpy bags. Chris brought in a number of cornflower plants which he planted in the wild flower area. They were much bigger plants than the ones Rita planted last week that have all disappeared, probably eaten by the slugs! A few graves that were in the shade were weeded and the Read grave K32 was cleared of ivy, we do miss Joyce with her trusty secateurs nibbling away. 

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