Diary Sunday 25 July 2021

Not so hot this week for working in the cemetery. Alan & Rita arrived later than usual and found Chris already there while Dave and Astrid followed them through the gates. Dave and Alan worked on the two Boulting graves in Plan G 17 and 32. These graves are quite close to the large Boulting memorial H22 recently re-erected for the Friends by Fine Memorial and finished off by the friends last week adding membrane and granite chipping. Researches for the Friends, Clare, Jill, and Hilary have completed a detailed and fascinating biographical history of the family that members of the Friends have access to on the our Website, well worth a read. Both of the coffin shaped memorials had been encroached by earth and grass and needed to be tidied up. Alan and Dave with their trusty mattocks and spades got to work and it did not take long before both memorial stones were uncovered which has improved the general appearance of the area. Dave had to leave early, Alan then joined Chris, Astrid and Rita who were working on the trees at the far end of the cemetery started last week, finishing off the Redwood tree, they cut back a very overgrown holly tree that had entwined itself into the Redwood tree, they also cut back thick branches of ivy that had taken over a tree that was growing right next to the Jam Factory Lane wall. The area is now looking good and everyone felt pleased with their work. Three dumpy bags were filled doing this job and two more filled by Alan and Dave. They were pleased to see that the flowers planted by Chris last week are still there, we now need to ensure that wild flowers seedlings are fairly well established before planting out! Alan and Rita had a walk around the cemetery with Chris with plans of the cemetery showing him where the various sections are located, before leaving they noticed how quickly the brambles have grown back and how quickly the grass has grown, weeds, ivy and columbine growing everywhere! Oh for a few a more volunteers!

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