Diary: Sunday 1 August

Alan, Rita, Dave and Chris in the cemetery today. Another workday of trimming trees, saplings and ivy in between the scattered showers. Today work was concentrated on Section 11 a corner plot with a large holly tree growing amongst plots 1-7, 33-39 and 65-71. Most completely covered in ivy! Dave trimmed the holly tree and cleared the Manley grave, as usual doing a good job and needing a sit down when he finished. Chris did wonders in clearing the majority of the ivy and uncovering the Horsey, Manley and Croker graves and taking photo’s of the teams work. Rita cleared the holly saplings and ivy growing in and around the holly tree, then moved over to another tree near the Radford grave and cleared the saplings and ivy there. Alan was busy tidying up graves in the area, where cut grass had formed a matting on fallen headstones and inscriptions could not be seen. Alan and Dave used up more of the green glass chippings donated by Fine Memorial and topped up the existing chippings in the Sharman grave by the front gate. Moving a stone pot holder on the grave to add the chipping it was noticed there was a small plaque on the side of the pot, Sarah Jane Watters died December 1948 aged 73. Further research is required to see if it can be found where Sarah is actually buried. On receiving photo’s of our work taken by Chris it was noticed that the photo of the Horsey 11-3 grave had a part picture of another laid down memorial (Kitch plot) that is not on our database. One of our next jobs will be to tidy this memorial, record the inscription and take a photograph and add to the database.

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