Diary Tuesday 10 August 2021

Alan & Rita met with Miles (Friends chairman) and Michele (Friends archivist) in the cemetery for a get together on their flying visit to Bridgwater. It was nice to show them around looking at the work which has been completed since their last visit prior to Covid. They were pleased to see the work Fine Memorials had completed on the headstones recently re-erected and also the work completed by the Friends volunteers this year. Miles and Michele were in earlier in the day to meet Roy Cheek who is a horticultural consultant and advisor who planned, executed and maintained a diversity of gardens, and cemeteries, in Britain and abroad. He visited the cemetery to advise Miles on the types of small trees and bushes that may be suitable to plant in and around the perimeter to enhance the appearance of the cemetery. In March he visited the cemetery and drew a plan, named and listed all the trees which has been very useful to the Friends. We'll have a report on the progress in the coming months. As we were leaving Astrid arrived walking her new puppy, Felix. Sadly Parsley who has accompanied us every Sunday for the last 11 years recently passed away, he will be missed, but we look forward to having Felix joining us.

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