Sunday 15 August 2021

Dave, Chris, Alan and Rita working in the cemetery today. Work today was concentrated on sorting the Kitch 11-3a grave and the kerb of the Horsey grave 11-3. The Kitch grave had a toppled Celtic cross and a large granite block with lead inscriptions, the cross had sunk in the earth , this was dug away to expose the impressive cross. When levelling the ground around the granite block an additional slab was discovered, this also had a further lead inscription. The block was packed level and the inscription cleaned. It must have been an impressive monument when the cross was in place. A photo was taken and will be added to the Friends website database. It was also felt that the Horsey grave 11-3 next to Kitch should be given a tidy, one set of kerbs were levelled and straightened and the grave looked a lot better.While the boys were working on the Kitch 11-3a grave, Rita cleared the grass from around the Turner grave N16a and took a photo of the new stone. She then carried on the onerous task of trimming saplings from the tree’s in Plan’s 9 and 13, there was too much ivy on some of them to cope with on her own, there will need to be a group activity to clear the mass of ivy that has encroached on a number of trees. Tired and satisfied with their efforts they made their way home.

Inscription KITCH 11-3aIn Loving Memory of Lydia the beloved wife of James Hillier Kitch who passed peacefully away July 18th 1914 in her 75th year. He giveth his beloved sleep. Also of Walter Thomas Kitch son of the above who fell asleep Sept. 10th 1883 aged 7 years & 2 months. Also James Hillier Kitch who died October 12th 1921 aged 82 years. Not dead but sleeping.

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