Diary: Sunday 22 August 2021

Chris Alan, Rita and Dave working in the cemetery today. Not sure how much clearing up we could do today as we had run out of dumpy bags, but Astrid saved the day and brought in some for us, then went off on a jolly!

In the week Alan and Rita had been contacted by the Pantomime Society to say a shelter had been built in the cemetery next to the wall and rubbish had been chucked over the wall on their side.

On Friday they went to see what was going on, they discovered three youths in a den formed by tree branches they had cut in the area. The youths were told that the den would be cleared away at the weekend. The area was littered with rubbish, they said they would clear it up and a black plastic bag was provided, it was nice to find out on Sunday that they had.

Sundays job was to demolish the den and clear low branches, saplings and ivy from the three trees where the den was built, this would provide an open area to give a clear view through the area providing less places to hide.

So armed with Lobbers and saws the den was cleared and the low branches were cut back filling four large dump bags, it has made a big difference.

Unfortunately it was discovered that a headstone made from soft sandstone next to the den had a number of cuts to one of the edges as if someone had been sharpening a knife and damaged it, a photo was taken.

It was disappointing to see as there has been very little vandalism in the cemetery since the Friends started in the cemetery over 10 years ago.

It was lovely to see John who came in to visit us, as it was tea break we had a good chat then showed him all the new memorials we have been working on since we last saw him before lockdown.

Another good days work done, luckily in the shade so not too hot, but were glad when it was time to make our way home.

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