Diary: Sunday 12 September 2021

Alan, Chris, Dave and Astrid in the cemetery today. Astrid was given the task of cutting back two holly trees that had become too overgrown. The lads concentrated on the Parminter grave started last week. The remaining old cement holding the polished granite kerbs and posts were chipped away. The kerbs and posts were cemented back in their rightful position, Chris was left to cement any gaps remaining between the base of the kerbs and concrete landing they sat on.

Alan and Dave crossed over to the Cox grave J9 a large headstone that incorporated a cross, unfortunately the headstone had been toppled and broken in a number of places. It is intended that the Friends move the broken pieces to one side and lay slabs to form a base so that the broken headstone has a flat surface to lay on. The broken pieces can then be laid back in position, preventing grass to grow up between the pieces and completely take over what was an impressive memorial. Although laid down, it will be able to be seen and the inscription read.

Dave and Alan dug the grass turf where the slabs will be laid and uncovered a heart shaped memorial stone in the name of Stadleman and Baulch. It was decided to stop any more digging so that more research can be done to identify the exact position of the memorial stone before any more work was carried out on the Cox headstone.

Astrid in the meantime had been working really hard as it was a very hot day cutting back the holly trees and filled a dumpy bag completely, while Alan packed all the tools away in the wheelbarrow, Dave and Chris dragged the dumpy bag over to the waste collection area. They all felt well satisfied with their efforts today.

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