Diary: Sunday 26 September 2021

Another Sunday and we are now into Autumn, a full gang today, not forgetting Felix the puppy– not that he did much in the way of work! Still blessed with good weather the boys carried on working on the Cox J9 started last week. They manoeuvred the last slab into position, and Chris was given the task of cementing the slab joints together, and these were then left to harden off. Dave and Alan moved up to Section L and started work on the Wills L17 grave where the kerbs had moved out and the inner stones had fallen down inside the gaps. The first job was to bag up the stones, which left them space to clean out the debris, realign the kerbs and cement them back into place. A nice neat job. Next week when the cement has set, the stones will be cleaned and put back in the centre of the grave. Chris was working on the Burridge grave Plan 11- 42 which was overgrown with ivy, with spade, lobbers and muscle this was soon cleared, and another job well done. The kerbs around this grave through time and ivy have moved them out of position, discussions to take place on what further work should be carried out on this grave. The girls drew the short straw this week by clearing up the clippings of the hedge along Jam Factory Lane which SDC had kindly cut last week. It wasn’t quite so easy as everyone thought – especially as the ivy and brambles had intertwined amongst the hedging. For a bit of a break on this monotonous job they went over to the large Redwood tree and cut back the elder saplings growing around it. Before going back clearing the brambles until it was time to go home. Another good working day.

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