Diary: Sunday 17 October 2021

Alan, Rita, Chris and Dave in the cemetery today, a warm sunny morning. The boys started work on the Winslade 7-15 grave, the double grave front granite kerb had been pushed out of position and weeds and grass had grown up between the gap. The loose left side kerb and the front kerb slid out to allow the weeds etc. to be scraped away, a cement mix made and both kerbs and posts were cemented back into position. Chris was left with the job of filling the joint between the kerbs and over slab.Alan went over to the Burridge 8-42 grave, another double grave, to assess what work was needed to this memorial as the kerbs have been hit by the mower and moved, and ivy had established itself between the joints.Dave had joined Rita who was working on the Crocker 7-65 grave, a memorial that when first erected must have been very impressive. Unfortunately a large double trunked Holly tree has grown up through the grave pushing the large plinth over and laying on the cross, the small kerbs and ornate posts were also displaced. Rita felt that the grave although in a very poor state should be cleared of the ivy, weeds and bramble that had overtaken it. Dave gave her a helping hand on this task until Alan and Chris called for Dave’s help as they were starting on the Burridge grave. After a chat on what needed to be done it was agreed all the kerbs would have to be moved apart to allow for the ivy roots to be removed and the pad stones checked to ensure they were sound and level. This job will take at least two work sessions plus it was decided that weed killer would need to be applied to the ivy roots that had deeply embedded themselves under the kerbs too try and restrict their growth.

After a lot of digging three of the kerbs were moved and new pad stones were put in place, the kerbs were placed back in position dry, and will be cemented back together at the next work session, plus finish work on the fourth kerb. The area around the grave cleaned up to make it look tidy.

Dave had to leave, Alan and Chris went over to see how Rita was getting on. As well as working on the Crocker grave she had also started on the Ashton grave 7-58 that was behind the Crocker grave. Rita had worked really hard and had filled a large dumpy bag and she looked shattered! Well done Rita.


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