Diary: 24 and 26 October 2021

Sunday 24 October

Only Dave, Chris and Alan in the cemetery today, unfortunately Rita and Astrid not well enough to work but Astrid did pop in to see how the boys were getting on with the Burridge 8-65 kerbs. Although rain was in the air they decided to take the risk to sort the fourth kerb then cement the four kerbs back into position. Working between the showers the cementing was completed and the cemented joints covered to protect them from the rain. It was too wet to replace the earth removed back around the kerbs, extra earth will also be required to build up the ground around the grave. The boys had worked hard with no tea break so they decided it was time to go home.

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Tuesday 26 October

With the long term weather forecast of rain and more rain, and Tuesday being the best day with sunny spells, Alan decided to finish off work on the Burridge grave. The earth was placed and packed in and around the kerbs and an extra two barrows of earth was placed around the grave to raise the ground level. After giving the kerbs a scrub to clean the dirt and mud off he packed up his tools, chatted to two different dog walkers before making his way home.

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