Diary: Sunday 7 November 2021

Alan, Rita, Chris, Dave and Astrid accompanied by Felix in the cemetery today. The first job was to look at the work that Roy Cheek, a local well known Horticultural Consultant, who visited the cemetery last week and planted 34 Buddleia saplings along the Pantomime wall area. These saplings had been grown by Roy, they are a special type of Buddleia that grow into a small bush. These will need protected in the Spring when SDC come in to cut the grass.

Rita and Astrid decided to finish off the Ashton grave 7-58 started a couple of weeks ago that was over grown with ivy, weeds and brambles, Astrid also cut back the overhanging branches of the holly tree between the Ashton and Crocker grave 7-65.

Alan and Dave started on the Horsey/Davey grave 11-44 that had been taken over by ivy, the two kerbs and one long kerb were loose and out of position, ivy just removed when Chris joined them. The kerbs were slid apart and the old cement joints were removed, Dave mixed the new cement and the kerbs were bedded into position. Chris collected a wheelbarrow of stone to pack under the long kerb as the ground under the middle of the kerb had sunk providing no support, Chris soon had it packed and supported and then finished off cementing around the kerbs.

Dave and Alan moved on to the Browning grave N15 where one short kerb and one long kerb plus two posts had been knocked out of position, the loose kerbs and posts slid apart and the old cement holding them together was removed, they were moved back in position and will be cemented back together at the next work session.

In the meantime Astrid and Rita had moved on to the Young 11-30 grave that was overgrown with ivy, with the help of Chris the ivy was removed. Unfortunately the kerbs and posts were loose and need to be cemented back into position, a task to be undertaken when next in the cemetery.

Everyone felt it had been a good work session and were pleased with their efforts, tools were packed up and everyone left for home and dinner.

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