Diary: Sunday 22 November 2021

A bright and sunny morning – if a little chilly! Dave, Chris, Alan and Rita in the cemetery today, Astrid popped in with Felix to see how they were getting on. A week ago while working in Plan 11 it was discovered that two fallen headstones, Richards 11-35 and Vickery 11-36a had been laid down in Row 5, while their actual grave position is in Row 6. The boys decided that they should be moved to where their families were laid to rest, preparing the ground and using rollers – Egyptian style – the headstones were rolled smoothly back to their rightful position. More work is required to level the ground around these grave to improve to look of the area. Photo’s were taken of the two headstones. Rita in the meantime was at the front of the cemetery cutting back the saplings from one of the large trees and filling a large dumpy bag, this done she picked up mounds of fallen leaves that had dropped over the last few days, and not finished, she weeded a number of graves along the front pathway. Well done Rita you earned your tea break. The boys then decided to tackle the Prew grave 11-26 that was unfortunately in a dreadful state. Overgrown with grass and weeds, the kerbs and posts had been hit by the grass mower with all four posts knocked out of position and one long kerb broken in two places. The first job was to remove the grass and earth from the centre of the grave and bag up the stone chipping that laid underneath, this will be sifted and washed and returned to the centre when the work is completed. The old cement joining the kerbs and posts together was chipped away and additional pad stones were placed to support the broken kerb pieces. The kerbs and post set were placed back in position ready for cementing back together when next in the cemetery. The gang were pleased with their efforts today.

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