Diary: Sunday 12 December 2021

Last working day for this year. Full house with Astrid & Felix, Dave, Chris, Alan and Rita. Very damp day not good working weather as the ground and grass was so wet. Alan & Rita arrived a little earlier than usual giving Alan time to cement 2 small triangular pieces of kerb that were missing from the Prew 11-26 grave. Chris had cleaned the remainder of the stones and these were placed back in the grave and a photograph was taken. The group then went around the cemetery attaching over 25 small Christmas wreaths onto graves, tying them securely so the wind doesn’t blow them away. They then walked around to identify memorials in the Non Conformist section that would, if repaired and re-erected, enhance the overall view of the cemetery. A list was made, the Friends will need to select a short list of those which would justify selection for obtaining a quote from Fine Memorials.

A last minute look around the wild flower area and Alan spotted that two trees had been blown over and are leaning against another tree. SDC will be notified of the situation.

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