Diary: Tuesday 11 January 2022

As the sun came out in Taunton midday, Alan & Rita thought it would be good to get a couple of hours of fresh air and exercise by working in the cemetery. Met Astrid and Felix in the cemetery.

Unfortunately the sun was not shining in Bridgwater, just another murky and dull day.

It was decided that Alan would be given the ‘best’ job of cutting back the brambles and really high stinging nettles that were growing amongst the ‘new’ hedge as they could be easily seen with the leaves gone, and before the hedge starts to leaf again! Well done Alan, he did a great job clearing about half the length of the hedge and filling a large dumpy bag with brambles and nettles.

Rita and Astrid worked hard cutting up the fallen trees which SDC had chopped down. They filled two dumpy bags and after 2 hours work the amount of foliage left on the ground didn’t look much smaller than when they started – a few more work sessions required here!

The weather then started to close in, drizzle and mist so time to go home!

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