Diary 13 & 16 January 2022

Thursday 13 January

Another bright sunny day if a little cold and frosty, Alan and Rita decided they would go in to continue the work started on Tuesday. Alan continued cutting back brambles and nettles in the ‘new hedge’ and after working solidly for 2 ½ hours complete the full length of the hedge. The next job will be to use his mattock to clear the grass and nettles from both sides of the path of memorial stones in front of the hedge. Meanwhile Rita still clearing the fallen trees filling two dumpy bags of branches and ivy. Still a couple of work sessions required here before it is cleared but at least the pile is beginning to diminish.

Sunday 16 January

A full team in today, Dave, Chris, Astrid, Alan and Rita a light grey day just a bit chilly. No one was cold as everyone was working hard, even Felix helped by chewing up sticks! Astrid and Rita working on cutting up the fallen trees and by the end of the work session managed to completely clear all the branches and debris, leaving just a few large branches that need to be cut up in smaller sizes to create a wood pile for the insects. Four dumpy bags were filled by the girls!

Chris, Dave and Alan spent the work session concentrating on the ‘new hedge’ area and memorial headstones that formed a path in front of the hedge. Chris was given the task of trimming the top of the hedge while Alan and Dave cleared the grass, nettles and weeds from either side of the row of headstones so they could be clearly seen. Chris on finishing cutting the hedge gave the headstones a good brush to remove the debris and wet fallen leaves. A good days work by all.

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