Diary: Sunday 23 January

A cold and overcast day, the girls unable to make it to the cemetery today, Chris, Dave and Alan had to manage on their own. The first task was to sort out the Newswag grave 10-46, an overgrown grave that the Friends are considering restoring. After a lot of digging all four kerb stones were found, plus the landing and a large base stone was uncovered that supported the three tier stone block and the cross that is broken. A price to be sought from Fine Memorial to restore this memorial.

The boys then moved over to the Coombs grave 11-38 a large block with inscription and the cross missing. A huge anthill covered the grave, it was decided to remove this to see if the cross was buried beneath, but no luck. The Friends to consider if the block, which has sunk one side, should be packed up so that it stands level.

They then moved over to the large hedge bordering the houses on Wembdon Road where an elder tree needed to be severely cut back. An hour of sawing and chopping, filling two dumpy bags, showed a big difference, hopefully the girls will be in next week to help finish this off.

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