Diary: Sunday 20 March 2022

 Another beautiful and sunny day with Astrid, Dave, Alan and Rita working in the cemetery, sadly Chris is still poorly so we wish him a speedy recovery. Astrid and Rita spent most of the morning working in the wild flower area. The Buddleia bush in the corner was trimmed and ivy taken off the wall, brambles were cut back and general cleaning up was completed. Although it looked a lot better a couple more hours work will be needed in this area. There were several patches of stinging nettles but thought it best if the boys cleared these!

Alan and Dave worked on the Milner G13 grave which was in poor condition, the landing had sunk and the kerbs had fallen in. The first task was to dig out the kerbs which were all intact unfortunately two of the four posts were missing. The sunken landing had to be packed level to take the kerbs, this took several hours but finally it was completed. They were pleased with their effort today, the next job will be to cement the posts and kerbs back into position.

After the girls finished in the wildflower area they found the Trick/Elson G21 laid down headstone which had been completely overgrown with earth and grass, this was uncovered and cleaned up. Ivy was also cleared off of several headstones nearby. Another good working session.

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