Diary: Sunday 10 April 2022

Alan, Rita, Chris and a welcome back to Dave in the cemetery today, weather was warm – if you're not in the shade! The boys put their efforts into the Milner G13 grave today where the landing had broken and sunk and was packed up level and cemented together a few weeks ago. Today the kerbs and posts had to be cemented back into place on the landing, unfortunately two of the posts are missing. The boys worked hard and it was not long before the kerbs and posts were cemented together, the next job was to collect two wheelbarrows of earth and level the ground around the outside of the grave and also to fill in the centre as it had sunk down a fair bit. A photo of Chris and Dave finishing off the final bit of levelling to show the improvement made.

Rita in the meantime trimmed the saplings on yet another nearby Euonymous tree, then moved to the large cedar tree that had been encroached with ivy. While tackling this she was given a helping hand by Dave and a little later by Chris.

Before they left they walked over to look at the work done last week, by the boundary fence of Halesleigh Road, and were devastated to find that the two young Ash trees at either end of the large blackberry bush had been cut and hacked down by person/s unknown. Next weeks job is to try and tidy this up!

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