Dairy: Sunday 8 May

Last week was rained off, today the sun was shining brightly for Chris, Astrid, Dave and Alan working in the cemetery today. Rita sent in 3 pots of wild flowers which Astrid took to the wild flower area she cleared a bit more ground, planted the flowers and gave them a good watering. Alan, Dave and Chris worked on the G29 Preece grave where the kerbs and decorative posts had come apart. The first job was to remove the old cement joints, this done Dave mixed new cement and the posts and kerbs were bedded back in position. All the joints were cleaned and the grave stones looked as they were back in 1936. Leaving Alan and Chris to finish off cleaning the Preece grave Dave gave Astrid a hand to see if they could find the whereabouts of the graves for James Swan and Ann Swan as the burial records do not appear to match where the head stones are located. After a lot of searching no new information was found to confirm whether these graves are in their correct position – further research necessary. Astrid had to leave early, Dave went over to the Dyer grave 10-23 a red granite grave with kerbs and posts that have been knocked out of position and did some preparation work ready for when the boys are ready to cement the kerbs and post back into position.

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