Diary: Monday 6 June 2022

No work in the cemetery this Sunday as everyone enjoying the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations!

Today, Monday 6 June 2022, Alan and Rita met Duncan Lane SDC Ground Manager responsible for the cemetery, and his tree surgeon Chris, to look at trees that require attention this year. It was a useful meeting discussing a number of trees and hedges that needed work on them. Two trees are dead and one diseased, all needing to be felled, a large tree needs further investigation by Chris, there is also a tree that is encroaching onto a grave.

Duncan also looked at a memorials end kerb stone that had been damaged when his ground crew were cutting the grass, he has been in touch with Fine Memorials to ask for a quote to have it repaired.

After their meeting Alan & Rita started cutting back the weeds and other vegetation that had taken over a section that the Friends are trying to develop into a wild flower area, but the ground is so fertile that weeds spread across the ground at a fast rate! Poppy seedlings were planted, two dumpy bags were filled by the time they had left for home. Photos were taken of the Thompson headstone situated on the non conformist chapel mound cleared by Chris and Astrid last weekend, and of the Palmer 11-26a grave that Alan cemented together on Friday.

Monday 6 June 2022
Thompson taken Monday 6 June 2022
Monday 6 June 2022
Palmer taken Monday 6 June 2022

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