Diary: Sunday 12 June 2022

Just Alan, Rita and Dave working today, 12 June 2022. While Alan and Dave started work on the Staple grave 11-17, Rita worked on the first four tree’s lining the front pathway. Holly and Elder saplings had again grown up around the bottom of the trees and were making it look a bit unsightly. So with her lobbers the saplings were soon cleared and a dumpy bag half filled. Rita then moved over to the tree where the filled dumpy bags were stored and started trimming the low branches which were banging the workers heads as they stored the full dumpy bags away. This job was only half done as she had filled the dumpy bag, (and her arms were getting tired!) She then moved over to the wild flower area and began clearing the fast growing bindweed from the growing flowers and worked on the cleared area (done on Monday) digging out grass, plantain and bindweed roots. Still more to be done.

Alan and Dave started work on the Staple grave about three weeks ago, this headstone had over a number of years been hit by the grass mower and needed a bit of attention. The headstone was rolled back and paving slabs were placed in the position where it once lay. The slabs were levelled with a slight slope to allow rain water to drain off, the headstone was then rolled back into place. Two wheelbarrow loads of earth were used to level off the ground around the headstone to finish the job. They were very pleased with their efforts.

Staples 12 June 2022
The Staples Memorial

They then moved over to the Durant grave 10-69, the front short kerb had been hit and broken by the mower when last in the cemetery, SDC had reported it to the Friends and have asked Fine Memorials to see what can be done. Dave and Alan decided to clear out the green glass chippings and bag them up ready to be cleaned, they also cleared grass and weeds from in and around the edges of the grave so that it could be established what damage had been done. Although the grave landing had sunk to one side over the years it would appear that only the front kerb had been damaged, Alan to feed this back to Fine Memorials. Another good days work.

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