Diary: Sunday 24 July 2022

Astrid, Dave, Chris, Alan & Rita back working in the cemetery today (24 July 2022) after a week off! Although some were away on holiday, the heat wave was just too much for the others. Today was hot, sometimes overcast but quite windy – hats and bits and pieces were blowing about.

Today was a clearing and tidying graves day in the non-conformist area. Starting with Bond 10-70, Hodge 10-73, Allen 10-68 which were covered in weeds and grass and looked loads better when weeded and cleaned up. The boys worked on the Coombes 11-38, Bond 11.39 and Herbert 11.40 again looking smart and pristine when work had been completed. Astrid took ivy off the Baily 10-65 headstone.

A quick walk around found the wild flower area still in reasonable condition but the ground too hard to work on, a nice surprise was the miniature Buddleia planted by Roy Cheek had come into bloom, sadly only three of many planted have come into flower, hopefully the later ones that were planted will have some success but we were warned that their success rate was not high but very happy that some of them are doing well.

One of the Buddleja fallowiana that Roy had planted, having survived the heatwave, 24 July 2022

The brambles, ivy, columbine and plantain are doing exceptionally well – too well – if there are any spare hands out there to do a bit of weeding it would be appreciated!

Bond 10-70 before and after
Hodge 10-73 before and after
Herbert 11-40 tidied grave

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