Diary: Sunday 7 August 2022

Another hot sunny day (7 August 2022), Chris, Dave, Alan and Rita sweating in the cemetery today!

It was lovely to walk into the cemetery on this bright summer day to see the grass had been mowed around the graves and the full dumpy bags had been emptied. A wonderful job done by the SDC team, thank you. The cemetery was such a lovely sight that a number of photographs were taken.

The four memorials on the right can be seen tidied below.

First job was to clean up the headstone of the Storey 9-13 uncovered last week, while Alan did this the others started to clear the Haggaton 9-7 of weeds so the Dennis Heal plaque could be placed for safety. (Found on the Storey grave last week).


Alan joined Chris and Dave to clear the Slater 9-8, Hill 9-9 and the Perry 9-11 graves of weeds and tidied up the kerbs which need to be cemented back together.

While they were doing this, Rita moved to the Tamlin grave 8-29 which was completely covered in thick ivy. Filling a dumpy bag full of ivy Rita only got to uncover half of the grave by the end of the work session.

Tamlin before
Tamlin half done

Everyone agreed that if it got too hot, work would be found in the shade – well it did get hot! - but they were so engrossed in their work that they forgot to move to the shade!

The Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery are part of the National Federation of Cemetery Friends.

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