Dairy: Sunday 14 August 2022

Another sizzling day for Dave, Alan and Rita working in the cemetery today (14 August 2022). Alan and Rita were in early to finish off the Tamlin grave, now cleared of ivy and given a good brush up.

The Tamlin grave now cleared of ivy

Dave arrived and the next job was to find work in the shade. It was felt the front of the cemetery was not in keeping with the rest of the cemetery which was looking lovely although a little brown, so before the grass starts growing again, the small hedge in the front of the cemetery was given a tidy up and the two large trees either side of the front gates had the saplings cut down as they were getting overgrown.

Three dumpy bags were filled. A couple of dog walkers walking through commented on how nice the cemetery looked, grass cut, and trees looking good and green.

The area behind the house in Wembdon road which was cleared just two months ago has grown back, the row of poppies have now died down so a few seed pods were stored in a bag and these will be sown next year. Hopefully the seeds already fallen will grow again and the new seedlings can be planted elsewhere.

The team of three packed up a little earlier today, and one of them had two tea breaks but don’t tell the others!

Another day complete - 14 August 2022

The Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery are part of the National Federation of Cemetery Friends.

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