Diary: Sunday 18 August 2022

Another nice day working in the cemetery with Dave, Astrid, Chris, Alan and Rita (18 August 2022). Today work was spent clearing around the miniature Buddleia’s planted in the Spring by Roy Cheek along the pantomime wall. Grass nettles and weeds had overgrown this area so time was spent carefully trimming around them. Although we were advised that they were a difficult plant to thrive we were quite pleased to see that 8 had survived and all of them doing well. After this area was cleaned up new tape was put alongside the plants to protect them from the mower.

Before and after 18 August 2022

A few graves were cleaned out and long brambles encroaching along the border of Provident Place were cut back.

More work was done on the Slater and Hill graves started last week, another few days work before they will be ready for cementing back together.

Three family members came in to look for their relatives grave, our chairman did mention they would be coming in today, this gave us time to pin point where their family grave was situated from our paperwork and was easily found when they arrived. Another good day

The Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery are part of the National Federation of Cemetery Friends.

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