Diary: Sunday 11 September 2022

Chris, Alan, Rita and Astrid in the cemetery today (11 September 2022). First job was for Rita and Astrid to do some checking on a couple of headstones, one was to write out a rather long inscription, and the other was to find a small plaque for Edwin and Mary Evans which had been put in a grave for safety. The plaque was found safe in the Boon grave near to the actual burial plot – this will now be recorded on the Friends website, if a relative wishes to find it they will know where to go.

After completing this task they went over to the Smith B3 to weed the inside of this large memorial. As usual a before photo was not taken, but a photo of it clear of plantain and grass was.

Smith after cleaning 11 September 2022

After the completion of this task and after a belated tea break (no Dave to remind us it was tea break time) it was back to the task started last week of uncovering more of the foundation stones of the building that was situated at the back of St Marys chapel. A large amount of broken glass had been dug up, all this was collected up and placed in a bag for disposal in a safe place. Lots more to do in this area.

Chris and Alan worked on the Hill 9-9, Slater 9-8 and Haggaton 9-7 in Section E. The Hill memorial stones were cemented back together last week and were covered over to protect the wet cement from heavy rain which had been forecast. Uncovered, the red granite polished kerbs and post looked splendid. Chris got to work cementing along the base to try and prevent weeds from growing through, Alan in the meantime was cleaning the old cement joints off the Haggaton kerbs and posts, all were loose. When this was completed, Alan and Chris cemented them back together, covering the posts with plastic bags to protect them from the heat of the sun, and rain – should it come.

Next they moved over to the Slater grave that sits between the Hill and Haggaton graves. The over concrete slab is in a poor condition, cracked and part fallen in, Chris and Alan took measurements for a template that will be pressed into the new concrete when laid to re create the sign of a cross that was once in the centre of this grave.

The group worked a lot longer than normal, but were pleased with their efforts.

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