Diary: Wednesday 14 September 2022

Alan was in the cemetery today (14 September 2022) to concrete together he collapsed slab in the Slater grave. All went well, the remaining parts of the slab now supported with space to fit the template for the cross shape that will be cemented in place. Once this is done the kerbs and posts can be cemented back together. Just as he finished Rita came in to inspect his work!

Two visitors came into the cemetery, Peter Searle who is a volunteer of Blake Museum and Kim Billing who is hoping to join with Peter shortly. They had the Friends of Wembdon Road booklet ‘A Walk in the Cemetery’ with them and were picking out items in the book as they walked around. Alan (who needed a rest from making concrete) gave them a short tour and talk of the cemetery and they both very kindly gave a donation towards the restoration of memorials.

A fine day for it - the cemetery on 14 September 2022, looking in the direction of the Jam Factory Lane, from the mound of the former Church of England chapel.

The Friends of the Wembdon Road Cemetery are part of the National Federation of Cemetery Friends.

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