Diary: Wednesday 21 September 2022

Alan and Rita in the cemetery today (21 September 2022). They thought they would go in to sort out a number of plaques and small shaped memorial stones in Plan 9 Section E and D that had been placed in various graves with kerbs and posts for safety and protection. They were given a good clean and photos were taken. They were placed in the appropriate grave as near as possible to their plot number. Rita recorded the grave in which they were placed and will send to our web master.

Alan moved over to clean several graves where weeds had taken over, the Storey 9D-2 and Shapter 9D-24 and then moved over to Plan 8-51 Symes. This grave had granite kerbs and posts and was in a sorry state, weeds had taken over and pushed the kerbs and posts out of position, the weeds were removed and the kerbs and posts will be cemented back together another day.

In the meantime, Rita was busy looking for the Mullins headstone that we knew was in the area of Plan 9 and likely to be out of position and near the border fence that has been overtaken by brambles over the last 6 or 7 years which are now 5 -6 feet deep. Busy with her clippers it was not long before it was located but a bit longer to cut her way through to expose the headstone that was laid on the ground. The next job will be to move the headstone to plan 9E plot 22 where the Mullins family are buried. Pleased with their efforts they made their way home.

Mullins uncovered, 21 September 2022

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